Once you’ve taken the DMV written test and passed, together with the Drug & alcohol test then you are almost ready to “hit the road”. Our skillful instructors are both certified and licensed by the Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles and will prepare you to pass your road test.

Even though you are not required by law to take a certain amount of driving lesson with us, if you have little to nothing of driver experience we encourage to take advantage of the saving bundle when you take 6 or more lesson ( one lesson equals one hour and forty minutes ).

After picking up the package that better suits you and taking the lessons, the last lesson will consist in taking you to the DMV and get you prepare to take the road test and pass it in the first trial.

 Get On The Road!
  • "Driving lessons with the outmost professional,we count with Florida state certified instructors. Know somebody that needs to obtain their license,or simply want to become a better driver, or gain confidence on the road."

Luis Martinez



  • "Licensed & insured professionals, Great vehicles to learn and help you pass your road test, friendly, knowledgeable individuals with the willingness to push you to become a better driver. Very worth it.”

Rolando Aparicio



  • "AMAZING!!!! Will recommend 100%, instructors are full of knowledge, they have incredible techniques that helped me became not only a better but safer driver; I got my license on my fist test! I now drive anywhere I want, feel very confident about my driving skills thanks to @orlandodrivingschoolinc WORTH IT! Thank you very much!!!!.”

   Paola Benitez



  • "BEST driving instructor there is, he has so much patience and REALLY helpful tips 100% satisfaction!!!.”

Reynamdo Etkins

Certified by:

321 616-0540

Kissimmee, Florida

Orlando, Florida

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Our aim here at Orlando Driving School INC. is to keep the roads safe, by giving you the tools and the most effective tips to make you become an amazing driver, where you can be secure and confident in your driving skills and that everyone that rides along feel the same way about you; at Orlando Driving School INC. We guarantee our 100 % effort toward your excellence on the road, our instructors have lots of experience and hundreds of satisfied customers that have accomplished their driving demands, feel free to ask for their proof of insurance and verification of license, since they have to do many hour of training and lots of learning to be able to sit beside you and teach you; our vehicles are constantly being check to maintain a great performance on the road and are well equipped with brakes assistance so that when you are on the learning path and feel a little insecure they will take control of our vehicle. Don’t look any further and give us the opportunity to show you our best and more effective techniques to make you a great driver.

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